Royal Resort at Dhanbari

May 7, 2008

Lincoln Bedroom of the White House was rented for sleep over during President Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign. It is always a privilege to live in a special building. Now your dream to experience a night at a Nawabs palace may turn to reality.

Nawab Ali Hasan Ali Royal Resort of the Dhanbari Zamindary Estate is now available for rent. Named after famous Nawab Bahadur Syed Nawab Ali Choudhry and his son Nawabzada Syed Hasan Ali Choudhury this beautiful resort is situated on Dhanbari Municipality of Tangail.

Surrounded by peaceful gardens the resort inhabits historical Manzil, masjid, bungalow and a cottage. In the vicinity there is a pond for swimming, boating and angling. Indoor and outdoor games (badminton) and horse riding are added facilities.

Cost:The nightly cost ranges from Tk 1,500 or US$40 for economy Twin at Cottage to Tk 7,500 or US$175 for Regency Suite (AC) at Manzil.

Nearby Attractions: Other nearby sites to visit include Modhupur National Park, The rubber plantation, the rubber processing factory and the pineapple gardens and the villages of the indigenous Garo tribal people.

Public transportation: A direct bus named Binimoy leaves Mahakhali bus terminal at Dhaka for Dhanbari every 15 minutes.

Extra Tip: Do not forget to bring famous Danadar (Sweets) of Dhanbari.

Resort Website

Dhanbari Nawabs:

Edited By Anas Khwaja



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