Interview on RTV:Time Sensitive

May 6, 2008


Dear Sir(s) 
We are producing a documentary on Rabindranath Tagore’s visits to Dhaka for RTV. As we know, tagore came to dhaka twice. Both the time he stayed at Dhaka as an honourable guest of the nawab family of Dhaka. As our documentary primarily focuses on his stays at Dhaka – we need to interview a resourceful person (at Dhaka) from the nawab family, who can elaborate the issue on camrea. We also need relevant photographs and footages (if available) for the documentary. As we beilieve the friendship between Tagore and the nawab family carries high historical values and should be known to all – we expect your help accordingly. (it is to be kindly noted that our documentary will be on air on 8 may, thus we must have your response by 6 May 2008)  
Thanking you, 
Aninda Rahman
Producer / Newsroom Editor, Rtv
Nazia Afrin
Producer / Newsroom Editor, Rtv 

Please contact at  01713098136




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