Interview with Khwaja Asad Quader

April 19, 2008

Khwaja Asad Quader (-Nov 2006) was a prominent member of the family.

Owner of the Zenunnesa market, K Asad Qauder worked for the Titas gas in his early life. He was the longest serving elected president of the Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust during the 80’s. He played an important role in winning the lawsuit against the then court appointed receiver. Under his leadership Trust had transformed from a rag tag club into a professional organization.


Khwaja Anas took his rare exclusive interview during K Asad Quader’s trip to NY in 2002.  Here he is sharing his long experience in the Trust. This series of interview encompasses the history of the formation of the trust; it also highlights his personal opinion on how the Trust should be run in the future.   


Please click the link below for the video clips:


Formation of Trust part 1 of 6


Genealogy  part 2 of 6


Settlement Terms & Members part 3 of 6


On Corruption part 4 of 6


Receiver (part 5 of 6) and the share Distribution (part 6of 6) will be available on Monday.


4 Responses to “Interview with Khwaja Asad Quader”

  1. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Superb ! Excellent ! Groovy Job by Anas Khwaja. My hats off to you with 21 gun salute for publishing up 2002 interview of my only uncle Khawja Abdul Qader, B.A. Hons, Dhaka University and former Trust chief.

    There are difference between O.K. man, good man and a great man. My Uncle Asad was indeed a great man!

    Please note his correct name is written Khwaja Abdul Qader and his nick name was “Asad”. With so much love and affection we used to call him mummee. He remains in our mind and we miss him every day.

    All the members of the DNF (purticularly Gol Talab Bhashi) must not forget his relentless determination to get back trust and or recievership from utterly corrupt Lawyer Abdul Ghani (popularly known as Maha-kobi).

    I know my uncle spend lacks and laks Takas of his own, my mothers and my Salma khalas as well as my brother late Javed Hassan’s money for this case that he fought at various courts to get back the property from Maha-kobi.

    Now think about how many years of personal time he donated to this noble cause? I know there were some lip service providers and helpers. But, no one, but no one struggle so much, fought so hard a legal battle for years to get back the property from Maha-kobi and the lootera gang.

    I like to see present trust members devote a permanent picture of Khawja Abdul Qader (Asad Mia) at their respective office forever or name a street near nawabbari in his honor.

    I do not want to mention the name of certain trustee or prominent member of Gol Talab area who actually loot and rob family members by taking money and embazzeling them by selling MAKTAB and NAWAB STATE MARKET to Haji Salim.

    My uncle was not a corrupt person and he never took a penny from the trust that was not belong to his share. He was never involve in any HERA-PHAREE.

    While i know my uncle had a temper in terms of sharing power or decision making with other. Some accused his of being kind of dictator. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

    He was simply an honest man, FIRST, SECOND AND TIL LAST!

    I think the problem is other way around. The fact is those accused him of being dictator were the real crooks and batpars !!that is exactly what he was afraid of giving power to these crooks and batpar individuals.

    Now, let publish the name of BATPARS right here at the DNF website for all to see. I think they should return the money to the trust from MAKTAB AND MARKET SALE to Haji Salim.

    If not, DNF members should bring corruption charges against them…even if they are now in death bed in UTTARA or WHEREEVER they are,


    In memmory of my great Uncle,

    Iftekhar Hassan

  2. Syed K Nomaan Says:

    Iftekhar Bhai,
    I really appreciate that Anas has posted this Interview on Asad bhai on the website. It is well justified to praise Asad Bhai and I also believe that He is a VERY great person. Asad Bhai has contributed alot to DNF and he has always helped out those in need. Yet, I am very disappointed that you have publicly insulted Ghani bhai (also known as Maha-kobi). Even if you believe that what your saying is true, you shouldnt have advertised on this website. A while ago you have also made usless comments on Akram Hussains writing mocking his spelling and grammar. I understand that Akram Bhai is your friend, but if you need to make such vulgar and shameful comments about a person you should confront them privately. If anyone is offended by my comments, I am very sorry but I felt that I should let you know that what you are doing isn’t right.


  3. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Nomaan Bhai,

    Thank you and thank you without end for your specific comments and suggestion.

    As I mentioned in the past, that, I am a firm believer of “open discussion that foster independent thinking and healthy mind”. Given the fact that DNF is a family website but alsol an open site/forum with moderator. I think such discussion is healthy for future generation. Believe me, If someone else had posted my post with the subject person (s) other way around. I wouldn’t be complaining at all.

    Furthermore, A trustee or receiver appointed by the court or election, is a public official. PERIOD ! Any discussion, debate or rankling grievances, involving said public person(s) as to how derogatory or cultured that debate may be, is totally valid. I have nothing to make apology.

    However, I do not remember any comments that I ever made toward Akram Hussain. Please do point out. I like to see that. I shall most certainly offer that apology, if I ever hurt Akram’s feeling in any way,

    Respectfully Submitted

    Iftekhar Hassan

  4. Mohd Talha Says:

    with due respect to Mr Iftekhar Hassan we all know Khawja Abdul Qader no need to give any safai / clarity he is a great man he did a lot for all nawabbarians and also for trust and he is alive and will always live in our heart we respec him and miss him a lot cause to me he is a guide to all of us plz dont mention what he did cause his good deads are uncountable

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