Aug 07 Talaab Incident: Video by Syed Khwaja Jawwad (Canada)

March 25, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

The fishing game in Gol Talab was suppose to start from August 3rd after the Jumah Namaz, but someone leaked a chemical poison the night before. Due to this chemical, the oxygen level reduced under the water and all the fishes came up floating on the top.The little fishes died and were buried in the talaab paar (which also emitted very bad smell), but the big fishes which were still alive were given or sold to other people.

The talaab was white in color in the morning when all the fishes came up floating as described by my Ammi. All the Nawab barians who were going to participate in the fishing game were really disappointed. No one expected this kind of a disaster after waiting 1 year for the game and making all the preparation specially for the tawa and chara.

I hope and pray that whoever did this, learn a lesson from the feelings of the people that even these fishes are given by Allah for us to consume in a good way, NOT killing them brutally.

We must specially thank all the people who helped and are still helping in cleaning the talaab.

Subhia Sahal (Italy)


4 Responses to “Aug 07 Talaab Incident: Video by Syed Khwaja Jawwad (Canada)”

  1. The embedded video isn’t showing in full on the page. The same goes for the previous Urse video. Is it just me or does everyone have the same problem?

  2. Wayiz Hassan Says:

    I like to see action around talab kenar. People catching fish, somebody playing/spinning the tome. I like to see and hear gup-shup at Ali-babas confectionary. I like to know any special dish they are selling.

    Wayiz the Izzy Rapper

  3. hmmn i actually have a video of a kid running on the tome and ill upload it soon!
    now all i have to do is find where i stored it…..

  4. saajan Says:

    very bad condition of nawabbari.

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