Family History : March

March 7, 2008

16 March 1892: Jeanette Van Tassel daredevil balloonist from America died in an accident while performing exhibition at the invitation of Nawab Khwaja Ahsanullah..

21st March 1909: To maintain cordial relations between Hindus and Muslims in the new province Nawab Salimullah gathered wealthy and respectable persons from both communities to form the ‘Imperial League of Eastern Bengal and Assam.

On 15 and 17 March 1911 Nawab Salimullah presided over a meeting at Ahsan Manzil where it was decided that both provincial Muslim League and Provincial Educational Conference would be maintained.

2nd March 1912 a meeting of the Muslim leaders of united Bengal was held at Dalhousie Institute at Calcutta with Salimullah in the chair. At this meeting the two separate Muslim Leagues of two Bengals were amalgamated into the ‘Presidency Muslim League’ and Salimullah was chosen its president. Similarly in the same meeting the two Muslim Associations of two Bengals were put together to form ‘Bengal Presidency Muslim Association’. He was made president of this organization too. In his presidential speech at the All India Muslim League Conference held in Calcutta on 3-4 March 1912 he strongly countered the arguments of those who opposed the creation of Dhaka University.

2nd March 1920: Nawab Habibullah felicitated Maulana Shaukat Ali (1873-1938) and maulana abul kalam azad at Ahsan Manzil. 2

4th March 1935: Khwaja Habibullah presided over a conference of Muslims held in Delhi. This was arranged to support the Communal Award proposal passed by the British Govt in 1932 in order to ensure representation of various minority communities.  

20th March 1921: KHWAJA WASIUDDIN, second son of Khwaja Shahabuddin and Begum Farhat Bano, was born in Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka. Edited By Anas Khwaja


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