Fahad Hassan:The young CEO of the family

March 4, 2008


The 21 years CEO of Daylert.comFahad Hassan has been featured in the Daily Washington Post by Zachary A. Goldfarb. With the title of “Young Entrepreneur Learns Ups and Downs of Building a Web Start-Up” the feature was published today Monday, March 3, 2008 on the business section. 

Daylert is a social networking website to address students’ educational and social needs. Fahad’s decision to create Daylert was inspired by movie “Pay It Forward” and he had received helped from people like Bill Schafer, Bill Rubacky and Scott Birnbaum along his way. As of today this web service is active at about 10 schools nationwide and gets 200,000 + monthly hits with 3,000 signed up users. Fahad is looking for at least 150,000 users by the end of the year. 

Fahad Hassan came to the US at the age of 6 with his father Hasibul Hassan (s/o Zebunnesa Begum –d/o Khwaja Ahad), mother Maria Begum (d/o Khwaja Sirajul Islam- retired correspondent of Bangladesh Times) and his younger sister.The hard working family settled down in Gaithersburg section of Maryland. Fahad graduated from Virginia Tech majoring in Business.  

In his interview with the post Hassan said, “Islam has a very negative vibe in the country. I want people to realize I’m a Muslim doing this,” adding that he wants to use his potential riches to support Bangladesh.  


Link to Fahad Hassan’s website: www.Daylert.com  


Link to Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/03/02/AR2008030201902.html   

Fahad Hassan on the family tree: http://gupshup1.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=gupshup1&view=50&pid=2373&rand=163038885

Edited By Anas Khwaja

14 Responses to “Fahad Hassan:The young CEO of the family”

  1. S. K. Belal Hassan Says:

    Dear Farhad,

    You’ve certainly taken after your entrepreneurial uncle, Javed bhai.

    You’ve made an awesome start at such an early age.
    We pray and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

    You’ve set a high bar for all the other youngsters in the family,
    but its good that you’ve started the club for future over-achievers in the family and hopefully others will follow your lead…

    – Belal bhai

  2. DNF Says:

    The Dhaka Nawab Family this year has been hitting
    home runs from the get go.

    First it was, Hassan Askari and now Farhad Hassan.

    Keep it up guys !

  3. Wayiz Hassan Says:

    We are proud of you my dear cousin Fahad. You are the best of the best. I am going to write a new rap song dedicated to you. Please make sure you put mu song and music on your website to get more students.

    We pray that you sign up 100 university within the next 2 years.

    Wayiz Hassan

    The Izzy rapper


  4. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Dear Farhad,

    Congratulation to you for this great acheivement.
    Self and our family (Dhaka Nawab family) proud of you. I pray for your bright and bright future.

    Khawja Waqar Azim
    Cell # 8801-711863028
    Home Tel # 8802-9672803

  5. Shama Says:

    Dear Fahad

    Congratulation to you.Its nice to hear about ur position.Congrats to Maria and Hasib.My Prayers are with always with u.

    Shama Nanu,Dhaka

  6. Nawaz Says:

    DNF team,

    The name is Fahad not Farhad. please correct the error.
    And Fahad,you’ve made us all very proud. we wish you all
    the very best ,good luck and God bless.

    Nawaz chachchu.

  7. Khawaja Saifullah Says:

    Dear Fahad,

    Wishing you a very sucees in life, Keep it up and best wishes to your Dad & Mom.


    Khawaja Saifullah
    & Deeba

  8. Khawja Shawkat ALi Says:

    Dear Fahad Hassan
    congratulation to you this great acheivement.its a big news fr
    our family we proud of you.spiciale thnks your mom and dad they are hard working for last fifteen years to buildup to you this position .take care your mom dad and fariha.nana also con
    gratulat to you .we all pray for your bright and bright future.
    Best Regards.
    Khawja shawkat ali frm dhaka

  9. Nusrat Says:

    Dear Fahad,

    Congratulation on your great success.WE all are very proud of you.In this early age you achive a great thing.We pray and hope that your all dreams will come true and bring more suceess in your work and life Inshallah.Its not only a proud for the family but also for the country.keep goin on.Our all best wishes are always with you.

    Naz khala and khalu,naveen ,tanvir all congrats you.Nana also very happy to hear this and give you his blessings.

    Give our salam and and congrats to Maria Khala and khalu.

    Nusrat Api and Quaseed Bhai

  10. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Dear Fahad,

    The day your interview was publish. I wrote this email to Khawaja Anas and emailed him with request to published. I guess some miscommunication took place. I am reposting this again on the DNF.

    With profound thanks to almighty Allah for honor and recognition extended to my nephew Fahad Hassan, by The Washington Post for publishing an interview on the front page of the business section with huge picture of Fahad in both pages.

    Fahad is 21 year old only son of Hasib and Maria Hassan, Grandson of Alhaji Dr. Abdul Mannan and Zebunnessa Begum on the father side and Khawja Serajul Islam and Zubaida Begum on the mother side.

    I would like to report to the DNF members and extended families that Fahad Hassan is a rising star within the high technology corporate world. At the young age of 21 Fahad is one of the youngest CEO of dayalert.com. A corporation he formed in the United States with head office in Bethesda, Maryland. We are proud of Fahad and look forward to see Fahad Hassan standing proud as one of the a future corporate leader of America.. Fahad’s company may become next Google, Facebook or whatever. We are praying for Fahad to write a mega success story soon.

    Fahad Hassan’s achievements are his own creation as a self made young man. His enterprising spirit, determination, hardwork, honesty and faith in almighty Allah and hard work are keys to his success. Fahad was always a top student in his class from grade 3 on. He played also a top level football player at the varsity level as well as college level at the Virginia Tech. A prestigious college he graduated in 2007.

    In the past Fahad received recognition as a brilliant student from the White House, appeared on the CNN and was interviewed by a host of other news paper and magazines, which can be viewed on the internet.

    At this time of great joy! we the family remember our father and Fahad’s grand father Alhaji Dr. Abdul Mannan and Zebunnessa Begum. We also congratulate Fahad’s Nana Mr. Khawja Serajul Islam of Nawab Bari.


    Iftekhar Hassan
    Fahad Hassan’s Uncle


  12. Fahad Hassan Says:

    Thank you all so much for the kind words. I really appreciate your love and support as I try to build out this company. Please keep praying for me as I go forward.


  13. Barshan Quadry Says:

    I’ve been very impressed by your work and its great to know that you come from Bangladesh and have intentions to help our country. I hope you can achieve every success and make us all proud! I will be looking forward to hear about you more in the future!

    (University bound student – Bangladeshi – resident of Canada)

  14. Fahad hassan Says:

    I will like 2 know more about this web design.

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