Exclusive interview with Khwaja Hassan Askari at DNF studio

January 25, 2008


View: http://www.vimeo.com/634865  

On behalf of the DNF website Anas Khwaja conducts interview with Khwaja Hassan Askari. See him live and hear his own words.


4 Responses to “Exclusive interview with Khwaja Hassan Askari at DNF studio”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    Wow for the first time we have our own Anchorman “Anas”.This is a good begining.The intenview with our brave “Hasan Askari” was job well done.We got from this interview first hand or from the horses mouth the detail of the incident.May we suggest that we should all congratulate our anchorman – Anas and request him to continue with vedio reportings for the future reports.We know our bright Anchorman is very busy with his life,inspite of that,he is along with Belal,Arshad and Saniya are doing Great Job in keeping http://www.Nawabbari.com Alive and rocking.Keep going full Stream Ahead.
    BTW our hero Hasan Askari has been invited to attend the State of Union Address by President G. Bush in the House of Congress.This is a great Honor bestowed upon Him.The President may speak about his wonderful Achievement in his address.This address will be telcast throught the world on Tuesday, 29/01/2008. Cheers

  2. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Dear Anas,

    It’s good start to you. You have a good idea.
    You are a perpect Anchorman.
    I am proud of you for this great job.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

  3. Reaz Salim Says:

    Correction The State of Union Address by President G, Bush is Tonight at 8:55 P.M date 28/01/2008.Go full Steam Hasan Askari


    on behalf of members and families of Dhaka Nawab family (Royal Famliy of the the then British India and now Bangladesh )would like to congratulate Mr Khawaja Hasan Askari has been selected to receive All American reward and invited by the Honorable President George W Bush and the Congress of the United states of America ,This was possible because of the Honorable Congressman Joseph Crowley of Quuens New York .
    I am truly grateful for receiving this honor for his sacrfice for the cause of the mankind .This will telecast in the media on 28th Jan 08 at 8.00 PM .

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