Govt yet to decide over eviction of land-grabbers

January 23, 2008

Wednesday, 23 January 2008 :The daily Independent staff correspondent  

….”A parliamentary committee report in 2004 revealed that most of the 25,000 acres land, donated to the forest department by the Bhawal Raja and Dhaka’s Nawab family who were the original owners, have been sold or leased out by a section of unscrupulous forest department officials. The report said that the land had illegally been grabbed by some real estate developers and individuals in the name various industrial units with the help of government officials of Dhaka and Gazipur districts. …..…..The interim government has decided not to issue environmental clearance certificates that allow construction of industrial units inside the Bhawal National Park, which lies north of Dhaka, where some factories have already been built flouting existing laws. The council of advisers, however, remained undecided at its weekly meeting over whether it would bring the existing industries inside the park under legal cover or have them demolished, as they were built encroaching forest land by a handful of influential people over the past years, according to an official. ….Click the link below to read more in details:


2 Responses to “Govt yet to decide over eviction of land-grabbers”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    This is a very important Job of the Association to protect the Estate properties.JHope they are doing something on this.Request the association to take up the matter with Chairman land reform Board/Land ministry and Chief advisor.same with all our land properties.

  2. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    do you really think that the association works and expect results from them!? :)) … I wanted to write about the meeting minutes of the last meeting… but I really could not figure out any relevant or anything informative to write about… and their summary of last 3 years of office was a real indication of what work they have been doing, or if they have been working at all!

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