Hassan Askari Honored at US Congress

January 19, 2008


December 19, 2007: US Congressman Joseph Crowley praised heroism of Hassan Askari on the House floor. Please click the link below to see the video.

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January 4, 2008: Hassan by now has become a household name for many Muslim families living in the Tri- State area. More than 150 Muslims from more than 35 Muslim Organizations congregated on Friday at Taj Mahal Restaurant in Jamaica, Queens. It was an appreciation dinner for Subway Hero Hassan Askari, for his valor and heroism from the Muslim community.

mizan-and-askari.jpgCouncil Member James F. Genarro, Rep.of Dist. 24 of Queens and Mizan Hassan,JMC President     

December 27, 2007 Representatives from the Bangladeshi community and state NY state senator John Sabini (D-Jackson Heights) hosted an awards ceremony in Jackson Heights for Askari. He was awarded a proclamation certificate from Sabini and a check of $250 from Hasanuzzaman Hassan, secretary of the America-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and son in law of Khwaja Rehan Bakht.  

 hassan-askari-john-sabini.jpg From L to R Hassanuzzaman, Md Aminullah, Senator Sabini, Hassan Askari &

AdlerAskari expressed his gratitude for all the gifts and said he’ll use the check to help defray the cost of his tuition at Berkeley College in Manhattan. 

dscf0503.jpg Syed G.K. Chowdhury with Hassan Askari

Check out Hassan Askari’s own website:


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