Opinion: Search for leadership role model

January 19, 2008

 “There is hardly any denial of the fact that in Bangladesh we have been having dearth of capable, efficient, honest and selflessly dedicated leadership not only at the top level but also at other lower levels.”…… “We had politicians of high moral integrity just a generation or two ago who used to spend from their own pocket so much so that some of them like Nawab Salimullah, the founder of the All India Muslim League in 1906 in Dhaka, was known to have had gone bankrupt for organising the League before his premature death at 44 only in mid January 1915.

So had been selflessly dedicated Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, Shere Bangla A K Fazlul Haq and Maulavi Tamizuddin Khan etc. They had hardly any big house anywhere except the ancestral homes of old types, sometimes of semi permanent tin shed and nothing of costly built pucca ones. How about for the present generation leadership to follow the role model of those selflessly dedicated leadership?” … Please read the The New Nation article from Jan 18 by M.T. Hussain in detail.  http://nation.ittefaq.com/issues/2008/01/17/news0432.htm


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