Donation for the cyclone Sidr Victims

January 19, 2008


NY Saturday August 27th Khwaja Mizan Hassan president of Jamaica Muslim Center (JMC) presented a check of USD $30,000 on behalf of the JMC to Salahuddin Noman Chowdhury-the Consul General in charge of the Bangladeshi consulate at NY.

The check for the cyclone Sidr victims was handed over after the Friday prayer at the presence of 2,000 prayer attendees. The consul General thanked the community on behalf of the Bangladesh Government for their help. He also said, Allah tests our faith through calamity and we have passed this test.


3 Responses to “Donation for the cyclone Sidr Victims”

  1. ezhar Says:

    why you show the another persons donation photograph why dnf members world wide did not donate for sidr victim.

  2. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Ezjar Bhai,
    I am not clear here on your view.

    I quoted this news form the Weekly Thikana -the largest circulated Bengali newspaper with over 4,000 subscriber in the USA.
    From journalistic point of view, this event meets all the criteria to qualify to be written in this blog.

    As far as other DNF members donations for Sidr is concerned, unfortunately I do not have the names of the other DNF donors or the figure of their donated amount (if there were any).

    Allah granted Mizan Bhai this respectable position to represent the community and may Allah accept his time spent on other social work.
    Thanks Anas

  3. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    We all are Nawabbari family members proud of him(Mizan) for his respectable position to represent the Muslims community in usa.

    Please give my congratulate to him for his great acheivement. He is a very nice boy in all respect.

    Thanks & regards
    Khawja Waqar Azim
    cell # 8801-711863028

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