Amir Adnan: “The Tie Guy”

January 10, 2008


Amir Adnan is widely credited with re-introducing the sherwani into modern fashion, and known as Pakistan’s first international menswear label.

His father is an Afghan, from Herat. His mother comes from the Dhaka Nawab family, Sir Salimullah being her grandfather. After completing MBA from IBU Karachi and working in a bank, he gave up everything to pursue a career in fashion designing in 1990.

A little over a decade since its inception, The House Of Amir Adnan is now the largest network of designer wear in Pakistan today, and has international outlets in America, Dubai and elsewhere.

Amir Adnan’s upper class clientele list includes Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharaf, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, India’s former Prime Minster Vajpayee, Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan, Paul Bringel, Prime Minister of Mauritius and Crown prince of Bahrain.

He was awarded President’s Pride of Performance (the highest award given to civilian in the field of arts in Pakistan) in 2005.

As descendant of Nawab Sir Salimullah, and heir to Bangladeshi traditions, Amir Adnan is looking to launch an outlet here in Dhaka. Please click the link below to read the Daily Star article in details:

Amir Adanan’s website

Edited By Anas Khwaja, NY


One Response to “Amir Adnan: “The Tie Guy””

  1. nadi Says:

    excellent dresses:) but a bit not good perhapse change of new designer for the last few months

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