The New Nation/Ittefaq-Dec 14 2007 -Salimullah Muslim Hall

December 14, 2007

The following are excerpts from an New nation article written by Siddique Mahmudur Rahman.

….. In the beginning, the journey of Dhaka University started with only three halls.

These are Salimullah Muslim Hall, Jagannath Hall and Dhaka Hall. In 1921-22 session, Salimullah Muslim hall started functioning with 75 residential students  and 103 non residential students on the first floor of Dhaka Medical College. Ahmed Fazlur Rahman,(alma mater from Oxford University) was appointed as Provost of Salimullah Muslim Hall. The Present building of Salimullah Hall was inaugurated on 11 August 1931.

The hall is established on a 12.91 acres of land including 75 thousand sq. ft. of garden. The main structure is a rectangular structure, resembling a fort, but without typical fortification. This two-storied building house 810 students. It has one dining room, one library, one auditorium with TV facility, one computer room, two reading rooms and one saloon. ……

After the Liberation of Bangladesh, the then Government deleted the word ‘Muslim’ from its name to make it non-communal flavour …….The HC declared 1972 decision of the University Syndicate illegal and the rule absolute. The Hon’ble Court directed the authority to give SM Hall its original name “Salimullah Muslim Hall”. ……..

It came to news headlines many a times after that. The Pakistani soldiers also attacked Salimullah Hall and Dhaka Hall.

They beat up Salimullah Hall house tutor Professor Munim. Editorial March is the month of Liberation War and on 26 march, we celebrate Independence Day.  

…… – Salimullah Muslim Hall of Dhaka University is turning 75 years old. It is really a matter of prime for those who are related with his hall.

Read detail by clicking the link below:


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