Ahsan Manzil at Asulia Heritage Park

December 13, 2007


Concord Heritage Park, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, is located at Ashulia in Savar a 30 minutes ride from the capital Dhaka. The park has been set up on 1.75 acres of land just beside the Fantasy Kingdom theme park.

The replicas of Ahsan Manzil and couple of other architectural heritage have been installed in the park. The structures were chosen on the basis of their importance to uphold the history of Bangladesh.  At Heritage Park, each and every model had to be built brick by brick resembling the real structures. Every brick and every touch of paint needed just the same attention. Every nook and cranny has found its precise location in reproduction. As one winds through the buildings one can relate to how Gulliver must have felt in the land of the Lilliputs.

Other notable features of the park are mini heritage museum, a mini artisan village, a sports zone for children with the touch of village amusement, family rides, traditional fairs on a smaller scale, restaurants and food kiosks, shops, VIP lounge and a photo gallery. 

Usually when one comes all the way to Ashulia with the family, a day out in the sun away from the chaos and fumes of the city,  get a feel of the grandeur of the structure and of our rich past. It may even inspire one to travel to the real structures to experience the structures and their surroundings first hand.

To find out the admission fee, events and park schedule click the link below: http://www.concordgroup.net/heritage_park.html


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