Birth Announcement: Ayaan

December 1, 2007

ayyan-haroon.jpgWe are happy to announce our baby boy birth. My baby boy (Ayaan Haroon) born at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka on 27th October 2007 at 11:37pm.

Amina Iftekher Mina (daughter of Homyrah Sultana and Mohammad Iftekhar Hussain) & Raheel Haroon



3 Responses to “Birth Announcement: Ayaan”

  1. Zubaida Says:

    Dear Mina,
    Congrates for your lovely,adorable child ayaan
    Haroon.He is look like as cuteee cuteee nephew.May Allah give him healthy,happy and prosperious life as Allah gave you and your family.

    your youngest sis


  2. Salma Says:

    Raheel and Mina,
    It is a good news for us that we got another baby boy in our family and congratulation to you and your husband Raheel Dulabhai.May Allah bless him with a happy and prosperious life.


  3. haroon Says:

    hey what a co-incidence my name is haroon and my son name is ayan and he also look same like the baby in picture.

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