Notice: Annual General Meeting of Dhaka Nawab “B” Estate Proprietors’ Association

November 5, 2007

Notice as per Clause 11 (b) of the Articles of Association is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Dhaka Nawab “B” Estate Proprietors’ Association and election of the new Executive Committee as per Clause 11 (a) of the Articles of Association will be held on Saturday the 24th of November, 2007 at 2.45 p.m. at Bhaduri Tower (14th floor), 1/B Paribagh, Dhaka-1000 to discuss the following matters:

– To approve the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
– Address of welcome by the out-going President of the Association.
– Presentation of the Annual Report by the Secretary of the Association.
– To discuss on the address of the President and the Report of the Secretary and about the present status of the estate properties under the management of the Court of Wards.
– To elect the new 9 member Executive Committee of the Association for the year 2007-2009 (As per clause 17 of the Articles of Association any member can contest for the post of the office bearers proposed and seconded by two members of the Association)
– To declare the names of office bearers of the new Executive Committee for the year 2007-2009
– Address by the new President

All the members of the Association along with their respective families are requested to kindly attend the Meeting in time.


Khwaja Zaki Ahsanullah
Honorary Secretary
1st November 2007

Proxy: Pursuant to Article absent members can appoint any member of the Association to vote on his behalf in writing or by virtue of Power of Attorney.

– Aamer Bhaduri


3 Responses to “Notice: Annual General Meeting of Dhaka Nawab “B” Estate Proprietors’ Association”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    Thanks for world wide Coverage on the forth coming “B”Election.When was the last Election Held? We request the concern authorities to publish the names of the Voters also Overseas Voters. Has any one checked the account books. If we have any Question to the present president and the Committee member where can we overseas voter address to. Will she/he answer to our question before the Election? Please also give the list of the present Committee members along with their names. Is it possible for you to publish the address of the present President? before the Election. We would like to know who are contesting in 24 Nov’2007 election.can their names be publish. More later. Would like to stress that we want a good dedicated and Honest and caring Committee.

    Reaz Salim

  2. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    And, you want it from(among) these people… well yes the expectations are high… lets see what we are offered 🙂

  3. aamer bhaduri Says:

    Dear members:

    Last election was held on 24th September 2004 at the same venue.

    Overseas member may write their querries direct to my email address i.e.

    Even if the overseas voters want to cadt their vote they can appoint any local member as their proxy.

    Mamma (Syed Reaz Salim) for your information I am pasting the write-up I had written at on the last AGM (ofcourse with little editing)

    The annual general meeting of Dhaka Nawab Estate Proprietors’ Association was held on Friday, 24th September, 2004 at 3.00 p.m. at the cummunity hall of Bhaduri Tower (14th Floor). A large number of family members attended the meeting which was followed by election. All the members were elected unopposed except me, contesting for the post of Joint Secretary General. My rival was Mrs. Enayet Noor (wife of khwaja tufail). You all will be happy to know that she got only three votes. Rest of the voters casted their vote in my favour. Following are the members of the new committee. President – Begum Wasiuddin, Vice Presidents – Niaz Bhai and Uncle Harry, General Secretary – Sunny bhai, Joint Secretary General – myself, Treasurer – Pappa, Members: Rafi Bhaiya (Amina Bano), Qamarara baji (Bilqis Bano), Salman (Meher Bano), Maria baji (Badsha Bano), Khurshid baji (Akhter bano), Chabba khala (Pari bano), Ismat baji (Salimullah), Farhana aunty (Atiqullah) rep of Nawab begum Ahsanullah is pending. (do u notice the dominance of mohilas in our family?) The meeting was followed by high tea consisting of chicken tikka, beef seekh kebab, sekha paratha, jalaybi, salad, paan and tea/coffee. All these items were prepared at the roof of bhaduri tower and you dont have to guess, it was supplied by mondira. People enjoyed garam garam mazadar foods.

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