Wedding in Toronto, 3 November 2007

November 3, 2007

KANIZ and PARVEZ AHMAD have invited relations and friends at the wedding of their daughter YUSRA NAIFA AHMAD with ZAKI ADNAN TAHER son of Anhar and Mohammad Abu Taher on Saturday 3rd November 2007 at Candles Banquet Hall, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


Dr. PARVEZ AHMAD is very happy to share, with members of the Dhaka Nawab Family, news about his daughter’s success. He writes: “By the mercy of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala the young poetess of DNF Newsletter of the 1990s, YUSRA, has finally become an MD from the University of Toronto (rated by Newsweek and Time magazines as the ‘Best University of Canada’) after long hard-fought struggle. Getting admission in medicine in the University of Toronto is tough and highly competitive among the very best of Canada. After her admission  and while she was a medical student at U of T, the Chairman of the Admission Committee of the MD program at U of T told her: ‘We have never admitted someone in medicine based on her/his poetry. You are the first person whose poems were the decisive, clinching factor in getting you an admission in medicine.’ Some of her poems were published in the DNF Newsletter in the 1990s, as well as other places.”


YUSRA AHMAD has very kindly written to say what it meant to her to find that her poetic contributions to the Newsletter in the 1990s was mentioned in the last (printed) issue of the Newsletter in December 2006. Having graduated from the Medical School of the University of Toronto, she is presently doing her Residency in Psychiatry, and, God willing, hopes to persue child and adolescent psychiatry. “The biggest news of all, however,”, she writes, “is that I now find myself engaged and the wedding is set for November 3, in Toronto.” About her fiancé she writes: “Zaki’s family is Bangladeshi, but he was born in Edmonton, Alberta, where he is training to be a Dermotologist.”


We congratulate Yusra and Zaki and pray: May God bless them with health, every happiness and success in a blissfully long married life.


2 Responses to “Wedding in Toronto, 3 November 2007”

  1. K.Alam Says:

    Our heartious congrats to both the families. We wish the bride & groom a very happy life And from them May Allah give this Ummah inlightened offsprings who will work For the benefit of Islam & the muslims with sincerity insha Allah.
    K.Alam & family.

  2. Dr. Motaheruddin Ahmed Says:

    Dr. Parvez, congratulations on little Yusra’s ( from memory of time long past) marriage. Pray to Allah for their long, happy life together.

    Contact me if you see this. If not, can any one help me to get in touch with Dr. Parvez Ahmad.

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