November 3, 2007

TARIQ AHMAD HUSAIN, son of Hushmat and Brigadier Noor Ahmad Husain, passed away in Rawalpindi on Friday (Jumatul Vida) 12th October 2007. May his soul rest in eternal heavenly peace, in the company of those whom Allah loves most. He is the first grandchild of the late Khwaja and Begum Farhut Shahabuddin to pass away.

Family tree:

Family Tree:– Family Tree for Khwaja, Begum, Syed, Mohammed, Bano and 199 other surnames.


2 Responses to “Obituary: TARIQ AHMAD HUSAIN”

  1. k.alam Says:

    Hashmat khala was always kind 2 us while we were living in Islamabad. we feel really sorry 4 her.May Allah rest his soul in peace,do his magfirat And shower his grave with his noor And may Allah give hashmat kahla, khalo & his family sabar. It is not easy to let go of a loved one but this is something we must all be prepared for.
    K.Alam & wife

  2. hadia husain Says:

    I just googled my fathers name i.e Tariq Ahme Husain and google and I came across this obituary and I was curious to know who this forum belongs too, as it would be of great interest to my dadi i.e Hushmat Husain and my dada i.e Noor Husain.

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