New Medical Clinic in Nawabbari (Photos)

October 29, 2007

images-medical.jpg I am very proud to announce that a few members of the Nawab family got together and started a free clinic for the people living in Nawabbari. mc1.jpg


The free clinic has been made possible by the contribution of the family members in funds and in kind. This clinic is for poor people who are unable to afford medical fees. A doctor has been appointed to sit in the clinic four days a week.


After a long time something meaningful has taken place in Nawabbari. A small room in Chaman was provided by the people living there for the clinic. Primary medicines are provided free of cost to the patients. Anyone suffering from any type of fever or any other minor ailments can visit the clinic.


I hope all the family members abroad will be happy to hear about the clinic. I would like you to all pray for the people who are thinking of doing well for other members. May Allah bless them all with his special blessings.

There are few more facilities provided by the Nawabbari clinic. They provide space to keep dead body of any one who doesn’t have space at their own premises. They allow all necessary things required for a funeral bath such as clean water,kafan etc. It is a ground floor room so that all members of the family could visit funeral easily. Allah bless all people who are doing such a good work.
I would like to request the family members abroad to donate on this fund. It will be a Sadka-e-Jaria. Anyone who would like to donate can contact, Mr. K.M. Hanif (Nanna Bhai) President of Nawabbari Prathomik Chikithshaloy. Contact #0088-02-7391328(Res), 0088-01713015065 (Mob).

Khawja Mushahed (Dhaka)


3 Responses to “New Medical Clinic in Nawabbari (Photos)”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    Congratulation.Excellent work.This is what our Ancestors had done in their golden days.We are proud of the Family members who had started this venture.Our prayer is with them.
    Family members abroad/Overseas may support by giving financial Assisstance too. Wish you all the best.

  2. Dont want to be controversial Says:

    Congratulation and pray that it remain successful. We are really proud of you for taking this noble step. I will try hard to help this to continue from moral and financial standpoint.

    But I would also like to point out the fact that, how miserable our family has become that some of us has to rely on a free clinic! Children of Nawabs has become so much bottom feeder in the society that some families lack enough income simply to feed themselves!

    Whom should we blame for this? Yes some blame goes toward the forefathers but I think 99% is due to us! How can you justify when someone from Bikrampur comes to NB and make a fortune and we cannot?

    It is simply due to lack of education and ignorance and some stupid ideology! It is simply lack of strong desire to grow!
    I think it is about time for the NBs for some soul searching! If not for us but for our next generation who won’t suffer if we simply take some sacrificing steps such as prioritizing their Education before Biryani. Prioritizing their health before Baithak. Priotizing School fees before Hockey Sticks. Instead of indulging themselves in Gupshup, Shekayat and Indian Dramas and Cooking for 24hrs a day, parents should spend quality time with their kids and help them achieve academically!

    There are several NBs who are self made and became hugely successful without any form of help! Why not all NBs do it? Why not create the environment where All compete with each other for education rather than Badminton, Cricket and Hokey?

    While growing up all I heard complaints that we became disadvantage minority due to the language problem after the libaration war! First of all we were even worse off during the Pakistan Era.
    Also, who ever give you this language excuse, please remind them that most of the successful companies in Bangladesh are still owned by Non-Bengalis! You dont need language, you need a heart , determination, hard work and sacrifice to succeed! Try it and God will be with you!

  3. ommabudi Says:

    My prayers r with all the good work that goes on.Keep up the good work NBs & may we all shine in this world & the here after. May Allah reward u brother 4 wat u haf written, u spoke my heart. I totally agree with u (elm that will make us better in both worlds), man is made for better things.instead of looking into who did what & unnessary talks which holds no value in the eyes of the creator? it’s high time to look at what we can do & give as human beings to our lord & to the society.

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