Pre Eid good news

October 11, 2007


By the Grace of Allah, Mrs Yasmeen Murshed, daughter of Khwaja and Binoo Zakiuddin and wife of late Syed Tanvir Murshed, has been offered the post of Bangladesh’s High Commissioner to Pakistan. Her name has been sent now to Pakistan for the official acceptance. Mrs Murshed as we all know is the granddaugther of the late Khwaja Shahabuddin who had a long career as a diplomat and served as Pakistan’s ambassador in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. After K M Kaiser, Sharjeel Hassan and K.Wasiuddin, I believe she is the fifth member of the Dhaka family and the first woman from the Dhaka Family to represent her country at the highest level!

Almas Zakiuddin

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One Response to “Pre Eid good news”

  1. Correction Says:

    I beleive she will be the fifth person if you include her father.
    Just a correction

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