Suggestions for Sadaqah

October 8, 2007


PIcture from left to right Begumbazar Graveyard 1, Begumbazar Graveyard 2, Salimullah Orphanage, Helpline logo

“My mercy encompasses all things, but I will specify it for the righteous who give Zakat” (7:156).

Let us  try to give generously in Ramadan, both sadaqah (optional charity) and zakat al-mal (obligatory charity). During Ramadan the reward is so much greater. Here are couple of recommendations for sadaqah (donation) for the family members:

1.Begum Bazar Family Graveyard.Committe
The graveyard where our loved ones are burried needs donation for the maintenance  There is no permanent source of income, other than the charity from the family members. Please contact Mr. K.M. Halim, Chairman and Permanent Motawalli at  (8802) 882-4814 or send donation to the committees following bank account :
Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Islampur Branch, Account No.4983-1.

2. Salimullah Orphanage, Azimpur Dhaka 

3. Helpline Charitable Foundation :26/2  Nawab Bari, Dhaka 100Helpline is a non profit organization run by the DNF family members donation. The organization has the follwing objectives :

A.     Monthly basis help for the less fortunate family members: Under this program HFC have been extending support to about 25 members of our family for their education and 18fembers of family who are old, handicapped and sick.

B.    HFC Rehabilitation & Development Scheme: This program funds family members to start small business and change their plight.

C.    Special emergency help on case by case basis (e.g. Cancer treatment and medical help).need.

Couple of contact names out of 28 major donors and collectors are listed below:

Dhaka Bangladesh: 1.K Manzar Nadeem, 2.xx, 3.Khwaja Khawer Hassan , 4.Azra Salim, 5.Rafi Omar, 6.Sunny Ahsanullah, 7.Salma Begum, 8.Najmul Hassan, 9.K.M.. Halim, 10.K Zeeshan Quader, 11.xx, 12.K.M.Ahmer, 13.Beenu Apa and 14.K. Saberuddin, 15.xx, 16.Khwaja Tanveer Arzoo, , 18. Mrs. Qamar Bano, 19. Shima Baji, 20.Shahjahan Siraj (Jewel), 21. Beenu Apa, 22. K.M.Mohsen, 23.Md Giasuddin, 24.Khwaja Abdullah, 25.Sayema Mami/K.M.Nadim Zarrar, 26. Nasreen Begum, 27. K.M.Zarrar, 28.K.M.Aziz, 29. Khwaja Khawer Waseem 30.Syed Zaki Hossain

Manchester UK:Shafi Ali (0161 736 1996) ,

NY USA: S.K. Yawer Hassan (718 699 1620), Shahriar Kamal (Bappi) (718 815 0183)

Dubai UAE: Khwaja Zakeruddin (00971 42 540271).

Toronto, Canada: Nawaz Quader Khwaja (905 507 4930)


One Response to “Suggestions for Sadaqah”

  1. Arshad Says:

    Can some one please further eloborate the work of Helpline Charitable Foundation and the success?

    For example, they have spent x Lacks taka for various cause in this year alone!: Paid 1 lack for someone’s treatment, paying thousands of taka for school fees, helped few to startup small business. Paying for medicine
    I think the helpline is one of the very few bright spots in DNFs current history!
    I think all of us should provide both moral and financial support for this noble cause!

    I would request Anas to represent Helpline Charitable Foundation in USA so that we can provide the funding to him.

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