Ramadan Obituary: Begum Zaffar Bano (82), daughter of the late Khwaja Nazimuddin

September 21, 2007

Begum Zaffar Bano(See Relationship), daughter of the late Khwaja Nazimuddin and the late Shah Bano Begum, passed away in Karachi early in the morning – shortly after she had her Sehry – on Friday 21st September 2007, the 8th of Ramadhan al-Mubarak. She was 82 and the eldest of three children. She was buried in the Defence Housing Authority Gizri graveyard after ‘Asr  prayers.May her soul rest in eternal heavenly peace among those Allah loves most.

She leaves behind a son, Major Safi Wasiuddin (Retd) who lives in Quetta, a daughter, Umbereen Mahmudur Rahman who lives in Dubai with her husband, son of the late Justice Mahmoodur Rahman,Grand children and Great Grand children. Two brothers – Khwaja Mohiuddin who lives in Perth, Australia, and Khwaja Saifuddin in Karachi, their respective families, and a host of nephews and nieces, and many relations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and overseas. May God grant them all the courage and patience to bear this irreparable loss and accept God’s will with faith and fortitude.

Major Safi Wasiuddin (son)


5 Responses to “Ramadan Obituary: Begum Zaffar Bano (82), daughter of the late Khwaja Nazimuddin”

  1. Amr Quadir Says:

    It was with great sadness and shock,
    that Lalay Mumma (K.M.Arshad) gave us the news of Zafar Bano Khala’s passing away.

    What a lovely, sweet lady.
    Whenever we met, Zafar Khala was always so kind, and loving and sweet and polite.
    Always very concerned about Ammi’s health.
    Zafar Khala always had a smile on her face, and I can’t ever remember her complaining.
    On one of the last times I met her, Zafar Khala told me about her growing up in Dhaka and Calcutta, and what a lovely and wonderful time she had then.
    Of living in large government houses, and all the perks and fun that entailed. She told me about her parents; Nazimuddin Nana – who was such a selfless and in
    a sense, unwordly gentleman, and her loving and gentle mother. Then Zafar Khala took me to her bedroom,where she showed me some of her old family photographs.
    What touched me most, was to find the photos of her parents, kept on the bedside table,for her to see first thing in the morning, and the last thing to see before she shut her eyes for bed time.
    Zafar Khala will be missed greatly by us all, for her elegance, old-world courtesy and charm, and for always being so cheerful, smiling and loving.
    She passed away in the women’s hostel where she was living,
    after having had her Sehri for roza, with the Kalma on her lips.
    This shows, MashAllah, what a pious lady she was ;
    to have died without any major health problems and troubles, for dying in a state
    of roza (hence purity), and for going back to Allah, with the Kalma on her lips.
    Zafar Bano Khala will be missed by everyone, and her leaving us also represents the passing away of an age.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t attend her funeral due to a slipped-disc, but my duas are always for her.
    May Allah rest her in His highest and choicest heaven, Ameen.
    Amr Quadir

  2. Wayiz Hassan Says:

    May Allah rest her in peace in heaven. We are praying for her departed soul.

    In Prayers
    Iftekhar Hassan and family

  3. Nidal Tebawi Says:

    I was very sorry to hear about the sad news. She was such a sweet and loving person. May Allah have mercy on her soul and grant her the highest position in heaven.

    In prayers

    Nidal Tebawi

  4. It is with great sadness we heard the news of Zafar Bano’s passing away in Karachi recently.
    “Apu Jan” as she was affectionately called by our family, will be missed greatly. She was an institution in our immediate family and with her passing away, an era has ended in our generation.
    May Allah grant her eternal peace in Heaven. Ameen.

    Sharmin Malik

  5. We the entire member of Public Official Security Trust Co. UK send our condolence to our beloved value Client and family Maj. (Rtd) Safi K. Wasiuddin President SEA

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