Academic Honors: Congrats Tarana and Natasha !!!

August 28, 2007

 Tarana SaifNatasha Saif

Congratulations to Khwaja Saifullah(s/o Khwaja Hafizullah) and his daughters Tarana and Natasha. They both appeared for the HSC exams this year in Dhaka and passed with flying colours. They both attend Dhaka Women University College, Uttara.

For their graduate studies they plan to attend either University of Dhaka or Jahangirnagar University. 

They received the  following grades.

Tarana Saif  (A-) from the arts group
Natasha Saif (A) from the commerce group.

Family Tree


One Response to “Academic Honors: Congrats Tarana and Natasha !!!”

  1. Waquer & Arshe Hassan Says:

    We are very proud of our Natni (grand daughters) Tarana and Natasha’s great result. We pray for their health, hapiness and great long life.

    Natasha and Tarana both looks so beautiful and sweet. We can not imagine how quickly they grew up.

    We also congratulate Diba, Baba(Damadji, Panna Bhaji, Dula Bhai at this happy momment.

    All we can say from America is “SHAB BASH……SHAB BASH” we are proud of you.

    Waquer & Arshi Hassan
    Washington D.C. area

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