Obituary: Khwaja Kutubuddin Passes Away, London 12 Aug 2007

August 13, 2007

viewacrossthecemetery.jpgKhwaja Kutubuddin, also known as Chota Saab to some of his dearest relatives, passed away in London, 12 August 2007.
He is survived by his wife Nargis Begum  and two daughters Samia and Suma. A quiet, generous and gentle person, he will be remembered for his hospitality and kindness.

Having moved to the UK in the early 70s, he joined the famous BCCI Bank in London as a banker and was witness to its rise and fall. Our heart goes out to his loved ones and we pray to Allah to forgive his and our sins and give us all a place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus.

Khwaja Qutubuddinn died of pancreas cancer at the age of 72. He was buried at High Wycombe cemetery 29 miles west-north-west of London,Kullu-Nafsin-Zaika-tul-Mawt (Quran) and so the cycle continues till the Day of Judgement…


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