Picnic 2007 – A memorable event!

July 23, 2007

Just got back from Nawabbaris annual 07 Picnic of NY.  

An excellenty organized events and 99% of the credits goes to Khwaja Anas ( s/o KM Azziz, g/s/o of K Mussharaf) and his lovely wife Saniya ( d/o Khwaja Sajed ) who’s unconditional  support made Anas take responsibility for such a grandular event with ease. From the T-shirt with Nawabbari logo to Jhaal mori ( Apu baji’s speciality) deserved infinite wah wah! Before I start giving details  of the day, I woul like to thank:

Faraz ( S/o Syed Azizur Rahman of upsate NY ) who took time out from his busy summer season to join the picnic and take fabulas pictures. Please note that Faraz is one of the top photographers in NY who has won many international and national accolades and awards in photography. Inshallah, the photos will be available in few days. Then you can be the judge of his gifted eye and camera.

Our entreprenuer Saniya (w/o Anas) hosted/sponsered some games for the little dyke and and buddi mohtamas as well. Great prizes were awareded to all the winners and loosers as well. Where in the world you are awarded prizes when you loose a competition? The answer is Nawabbari! And By Nawabbarians! By the way, her company’s website is: http://www.raisastreasures.com . Please visit and refer to your friends/family.

Talal (s/0 late Khwaja Borhan and Zeenat Borhan), who has contributed over $200 worth of calling cards so that we nawabbarian can call back home to talk about the event! What a way of showing love for the family. Kya Baat hai! Also, the winning cricket team was awarded tons of cards as well. O Kya baat hai , again! Jawab nahi hai.

Sadat, Shahriar, Sahadat were the left , right and the middle hands of Anas. Without them Anas would have committed either sucide or murder while running around to collect chanda.

Thanks to Marjan, Sakeb and Dawar and Guria for arriving all the way from Pensylvania. Other than that, there were some visitors from Bangladesh and Pakistan ( Aziz Uncle and Maku Khala and Sara Khala)

Couldnt make: Khwaja Nadim Azher from Virginia and Syed Khwaja Omair of NY ( You guys dont know what you have missed…wait till you hear the stories and watch the pics!)

Finally here is a short narrative of the events:

7.00 AM -Saniya starts early for the destination to reserve the best  spot!

8.30 AM -Bus Arrives for Pickup from the Gulistan Mor err…….from 162nd St and Hillside.

9.30 AM …as typical Khandani Aadat….Bus still waits for few others to arrive. 

9.45 AM …Finally the bus starts for the Destination : Bear Mountain ( I saw one bear! just kidding)

11.20 AM Bus Arrived..approximately 1.30 hour late

11.21 AM ..wow! ooh ….aah….what a place.!! Yes it was indeed. Beatiful shadded spot, great cricket field, excellent Sand lake along with a pleasent weather ( Na thanda na Garam!)

11.30 AM 100s of Donuts, coffee and other nastas served! Sorry no paratas!

12.00 Football ( Soccer) game: 20 A SIDE! Lasted : 15 min! Reason: Typical Healthy americans!

12.45 Jump in the water.

1.45 Hot dog season! Best hotdogs ever! Even Osam bhai ate 3. Claiming that he never had such a great tasting hotdog in his life…Dekna to pare ga kin-ne banaya!? ( I guess Belal) I meant grilled!

2.30- Food arrived from Sagar Restaurant. Puloa, tikaa and murgi ka roast!  Yummy!

3.00 Cricket touney…Can some tell me who were on the winning team? I wasnts!…..there were sixes and fours. Even Noman had few Chawkas. He must have been practising batting on Ali ( Per Sami bhai!).

4.30 Went back and ate Water Melon, muri ka bharta ( thanks apu baji) and Traditional Gaju ka chai ( Who made it by the way?)

6.00 – The End!

Actually I am too tired to write further. Only other significant event was me getting speeding ticket for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Sad part was I wasnt caught in the highway, it was in the park road! I was doing 65 miles per hour in 40 miles zone ( that is per the police officer…NO WAY I WAS DOING OVER 50..guess he gets commission writing ticket!)

Thts about it. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention someone or some events. Only request is that please send personal thanks to Anas and his wife for all the great works.

Good Night.

Arshad, NY


5 Responses to “Picnic 2007 – A memorable event!”

  1. Belal Says:

    Arshad, I made the hotdogs… …typical Nawabbarian eat and forget 😉

  2. Fatima Says:

    To my cousins… oh ya they did a wonderful job =)
    we were soo exhausted after the picnic…
    best one yet…. and for the scavenger hunt for the kids … the kids did a wonderful job and all the aunties for supporting them.. thanks khalas nd phuppus =)

  3. Syed Azizur Rahman Says:

    My Congratulations to Saniya,Anas and his team for well organized Picnic.We enjoyed every moment of the day.Gaju cha was there but Kashmiri Cha…from Khelafat Bhai’s kitchen was missing.Belal and Arshad have put all their efforts to make sure every body get hot dog hot.Finally Apu’s Jhal Muri was a wonderful treat.
    Thanks to everybody.

  4. Saniya Says:

    Thank you Arshad Bhaia for the wonderful synopsis of the picnic. I’d like at add some points that Arshad Bhaia missed.

    Ulfat and Shahriyar Kamal (d/o Khwaja Shawkat Kamal) were sponsors of two children’s games. Batul, (w/o Fardin) sponsored a game for men who had to win the prize for their better half. Batul is also one amongst many sprouting entrepreneurs we have in Nawabbari. She has her own boutique which she manages from home.

    There were two grills hence hotdogs were made by both of nawabbari’s finest chefs.
    Gaju ka chai was prepared by my abbu (Khwaja Sajed).
    We enjoyed some tender yet spicy tandoori chicken hot off the grill before loading the bus.

    We have not thanked Shahadat bhai enough. He spent sleepless nights collecting chanda with Anas. He also sat in my living room ironing the stickers on our shirts, and bruised his fingers in the process. He was also in charge of the breakfast.

    That’s all I can remember for now. If I’ve left out anyone please forgive me.
    Thank you once again to everyone for coming and making our 2007 Nawabbari picnic a success.


  5. Nashmin Says:

    hey! this years picnic was my first nawabbari picnic and i loved it! i regret missing out on the previous ones since i was out of the country (canada). this is a great way to have a re-union with everyone in the extended family. thank you saniya baji and anas bhai once again for such a great time spent together!

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