2007 NY Picnic -July 22nd

July 11, 2007

Dear Fellow Nawabbarians-Assalamoalaikum. We are pleased and much exited to announce that after skipping a year, the annual picnic of Dhaka Nawab Family is BACK FOR 2007!!!!It will be held on July 22nd, Sunday. Please note that the picnic spot hasn’t been finalized but most likely will be some where in Bear Mountain vicinity. Donation (CHANDA) per head would be $20 and $10 for children age 4-12. Under 4, you pay nothing! Lucky you! Please spread the news and we are extremely sorry to announce it in such a short notice.  Please feel free to provide us with your suggestion.  Some highlights:-Some of the members are planning to extend the FUN for one extra day by renting rooms in a motel nearby on Saturday. Can we say Baithak night before the PICNIC? Can some one sell Kashmiri Chai ? Dollar a Cup wont be a bad idea! Any willing entrepreneur? -There will be games and prizes. -Can someone bring Karam board?  For Members Out of NY: We hope that you can make it!    For further information please contact:Khwaja Arshad : Karshad@sairatel.com 6469329020Khwaja Anas: Anas.Khwaja@Take2Games.com 7186069487 


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