Obituary:Abdur Rahim

July 8, 2007

Abdur Rahim (s/o Abdul Gafoor) of Nawabbari Dhaka died of heart failure. Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajeun.He was paralyzed earlier due to the stroke. Eyewitness say, the evening before his death, standing near the gol Talab, he was shocked watching RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) misbehave with some elderly Nawabbarians. RAB was called to settle pond related dispute between two groups of the family. As the eyewitness recalls, “Abdur Rahim Mia said, During the British Raj Angrezi police did not dare to enter the chohaddi of Nawab Bari. Today RAB is mercilessly beating the family members. Alas what a day!”

Abdur Rahim had been living near the Nawab Bari Masjid Hujra for the last three generations. He was also an anesthesiologist and famous for his typing skill. He left behind four sons-Iliyas, Ishaq, Ibrahim and a daughter. May Allah bless his soul.


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