Election of June 30 2007: MAWT

July 8, 2007

kmsayeed.jpgkmmotahar.jpgThe result of the Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust has been announced. K.M.Motahar (327 votes), K.M.Amjad (324 votes) and K.M.Sayeed (308 votes) have been elected members of the Board of Trustees for the next five years. Songsod played a major role again for the winning candidates. The loosing contestants were Nana (s/o Nazimuddin), K.M.Tabrez (s/o K.M.Modassar), K.M.Iqbal (s/o Ladla Mia) and Rehan (s/o Kaneez Begum).  Earlier two seats fell vacant as K.M.Motahar and K.M.Shaker completed their 5 year term.  The bye election was held for the 3rd seat as S.Rehan Bakht resigned 26 months earlier than his term. Only two temporary clubs were erected this time and there were less enthusiasm among the voters. May be the reason is MAWT is no longer a money making machine while Haji Selim is absconding. 

On a side note, the outcome of the election proves something to be worried about. Most of the voter family member prioritizes proximity of family relationship above all other criteria. How come the voters forget the experience of the Gulshan Ara City so early?


One Response to “Election of June 30 2007: MAWT”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a way we can reform this Trust, provided they still have some valuable assets in their disposal?

    One of the reform would be:
    1. Members Must be a holder of Bachelors degree;

    Can NRNs ( Non residence Nawabbarians) run for it? Do they need to be physically available during the election?

    What about some properties in SAVAR? is it true that we still own some hundreds of acres of land there? Or it is simply a hoax?
    What other siginificant assets do we have?

    Any idea about converting Talab to a multiplex and have some heavy revenue stream to allivate some of our brethens from chronic proverty to some decency?

    Very Truly
    A Fellow Nawabbarian

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