July in family history

July 4, 2007

sir_andrew_fraser4.jpgsir-richard-temple.jpgsir-richard-temple.jpgsir-richard-temple.jpgsir_andrew_fraser4.jpgSir Andrew Fraser

21 July 18: Sir Richard Temple Lt Governor of Bengal ( Apr 1874 –  8 Jan 1877) visits AM, Awards Nawab title to Khwaja Abdul Ghani and Khan Bahadur to Khwaja Ahsanullah. http://banglapedia.search.com.bd/HT/T_0114.htm sir-richard-temple.jpgsir-richard-temple.jpg

30 July 1896: Alexander Mackenzie Lt Gov of Bengal (18 Dec1893-23 Jun 1897) visits Ahsan Manzil. http://banglapedia.search.com.bd/HT/M_0008.htm

21 Jul 1902: Sir John Woodburn Lt Gov of Bengal (7 Apr 1898 – 23 Nov 1902) & Lady Woodburn Visits AM.

22 July 1902: Lt Gov lays cornerstone of Ahsanullah Engineering School and the outpatient room of Mitford Hospital.

11-12 July 1904: Lt Gov Sir Andrew Fraser Lt Gov of Bengal (1903-1908) visits AM. http://www.banglapedia.org/HT/F_0175.HTM


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