Plassey Day today:Friday, 22 Jun 2007

June 27, 2007

The historic ‘Plassey Day’ will be observed in Bangladesh today, On this day (June 23) in 1757, the glorious sun of national independence set in Plassey on the bank of Bhagirathi river.The intrigues of the East India Company coupled with the betrayals by close associates of Nawab Sirajuddowla brought an end to the rule of Nawab and established British rule.

Although the centre of this incident was Murshidabad, Calcutta, Kashimbazar and Plassey, some places in Dhaka bear memories of the historic Plassey. The Nawab Sirajuddowla park in front of Nawab Yusuf Market in old Dhaka is very much there. The park was established in memory of the hero of the Plassey tragedy and great patriot Nawab Sirajuddowla. Nawab Salimullah contributed to the establishment of the park.

Source: The New nation


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