DC Tanveer Transferred to Police Headquarters in Dhaka

May 11, 2007

hasina-returns.jpg Dhaka May 08 Thousands of people welcomed Sheikh Hasina’s return from London after 52 days’ foreign visit by chanting various slogans, as the ex-PM came home following the lifting of restriction earlier imposed by the caretaker government on her return.

Four police officials, including Uttara zone Deputy Police Commissioner (DC) Tanveer Haider Chowdhury (grandson of Khwaja Musharraf of Deen Brothers and son of Haseeba Begum) have been reprimanded for lax duty while some 3,000 people were sued for violating emergency rule in a backlash against the street celebration of Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina’s homecoming.  

Earlier on the 14th of February, then SP of Jaipurhat, Tanveer had been transferred as DC to Dhaka Metrpolitan police.

Tanvir opted for the Police Service after appearing in the Bangladesh Civil Service exams sometime during the early 90s. He is the only member of the Dhaka Nawab Family to be serving in the Police service at this time.

See Tanveer on the family tree See Relationship 

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3 Responses to “DC Tanveer Transferred to Police Headquarters in Dhaka”

  1. Ajnabi Says:

    Is it a good or bad news? I am a bit confused!

  2. DNF Says:

    Its simply news.

  3. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Any incident that encompasses family members life, and that we should be concerned about qualifies as news. The positive
    ones should bring smile on our face. If this looms as a problem for any of us, we can collectively pray.

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