From Stockholm with Love

April 14, 2007

sabina_ali-3.jpgAli Soysuren and Sabina Rashed tied knots in Stockholm Jame Masjid on 29th March. Ali is an engineering graduate from Stockholm University and has Turkish roots. Sabina is the eldest daughter of Khwaja Mohammed Rashed and granddaughter of Khwaja Abdul Halim and Mahe Jabeen Begum. Here is her family tree:

See Relationship

Posted by Anas Khwaja


4 Responses to “From Stockholm with Love”

  1. zainab Says:

    congratz on your wedding sabina baji.Hope you have a great life!! Come here soon we havent seen you in a very long time. We all miss You

  2. Fatima Says:

    Congrats on your wedding.
    Hope you had the time of your life.

  3. Saniya Says:

    Hey Sabina and Ali,

    Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you all the best with your better half. You guys look beautiful together.

    Come visit us soon, we miss you!!!

    With lotsa love
    Saniya and Anas.

  4. sajed and salina Says:

    Congratulations sabina and ali. We hope you all the best with your up coming life. May Allah be with you.

    Sajed & Salina

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