Karachi Wedding: Khwaja Huzaifa Ashari (grandson Khwaja Khairuddin)

March 31, 2007

SYED KHWAJA HUZAIFA ASHARI, elder son of Syed Khwaja Jamil and Tazeen; and grandson of Begum Haseena Khairuddin and the late Khwaja Khairuddin, and AZKA, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Muhammad Rafiq, were married on Friday 30th March 2007, at the Creek Club dinning Hall, attended by relations and friends belonging to the two families.

Begum Khwaja Khairuddin has invited relations and friends to the Valima reception at the Sunset Club Erum Gardens, God willing, on Monday 2nd April 2007 at 9. p. m.

The wedding festivities had commenced with a Ghazal Night at the residence of Begum Haseena Khairuddin on Saturday 10th March 2007, hosted jointly by the two brothers of Khwaja Jamil – K. M. Zubair and K. M. Amer and their wives Sara and Ulfat, respectively.  The function was held on a beautifully decorated and well lit lawn, and, when all the guests had arrived, a sumptuous dinner was served followed by the Ghazal session performed by Mr. Ramay, a well known singer, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

This function was held on 10th March as Zubair and Sara would not be present at the wedding as they were due to leave for the
U. S. A. on the 15th..  

There was one more Dholki at the residence of Begum Haseena Khaieuddin on Wednesday 28th March,  hosted by Jamil and Tazeen.

Ashari has been working, for the past one year, as a senior consultant with Fergusons in
Karachi. He had graduated (B. Sc) from LUMS in
Lahore in 2002 with honours in Computer Science, and had worked for two years each with Faysal Bank and ABM Amro Bank.

For those who may not know, Jamil is the youngest son of the late Khwaja Abul Hassan Mumtaz and the late Farhadi Begum. Before his death Khwaja Mumtaz was the Imam of the Bhimpura Mosque, in
Karachi, since the mid forties.

May the Lord Almighty bless the newly married couple with health, every happiness and success in blissfully long married life.

– Sayeed Shahabuddin

To offer your best wishes you may call:
Begum Khwaja Khairuddin (9221) 585-6422


One Response to “Karachi Wedding: Khwaja Huzaifa Ashari (grandson Khwaja Khairuddin)”

  1. underwriter Says:

    Assalam O Alaikum Mr. Shahabuddin

    It was really a news for me to find this blog regarding Ahsari Bhai and Erum Kamran 🙂 although I was aware of both happenings.

    I think we haven’t met yet?? I am Muhammad Farooq Khan, grandson of Muhammad Ishaq Khan.

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