kya baat hai

March 26, 2007

Hey fellow Nawabbarians!

What happened to this gupshup site? This site has become a ghost town. No longer a typical nawabbarian gupshup! Cheer up guys. Lets talk! Lets talk about the world cup cricket atleast! What a great display by Bangladesh against India! Indo-pak has gone home where as Sri-Bang is in 2nd round!

Hope BD brothers can beat two or more in 2nd round. Yes Can we say Semi Final not an impossible task? What about Australia, South Africa, Srilanka and Bangladesh!

Can we go there if we beat England, NZ and Ireland? Or we need to beat one more team? Lets get our calculators out or get the spreadsheet table ? Can some one help?


One Response to “kya baat hai”

  1. dnf01 Says:

    Beating Ireland and England a good possibility
    Beating NZ is not impossible we did that earlier.
    Beating WI is possible if we display similar game we had with India.
    Beating Australia and South Africa is probably not possible, buy hey we did beat Australia before…dont know if we did to SA (if not, they have to lose to BD this time!).

    My prediction? Bangladesh wins all games!
    Sofu Mia from Chaman

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