March 4, 2007

“My NGO – Society for Environmental Awareness – of which I am the Founder President, is working in the project – Mass Awareness Campaign in Water Conservation since February 2006.  My designation in the project is TEAM LEADER in which I have about 12 staff members employed in the project including me, with another 8 to be employed very soon, for the special ‘Awareness Channel’ that will be hired by Sociert Environmental Awareness (SEA) under the project QWSEIP, and will be run for 12 hours daily that shall cover Quetta District only.”The Quarterly Newsletter of Quetta Water Supply and Environment Improvement Project (QWSEIP) which deals mainly with “Solutions to Water Problems in Quetta” , beautifully presented with photographs and containing detailed account of the various projects, is edited by Safi, who is the Editor, heading the Editorial Board.

According to the report:: “Essential feature of Water Supply and Environment Improvement Project (QWSEIP), is that a component of Mass Awareness Campaign in Water Conservation has been included, that side by side with the actual physical work in improving the water supply system, the population of Quetta can also be made aware and sensitized concerning the importance of addressing the main issue of ‘water wastage’ by the people in general. This is perhaps for the first time two local NGOs – Society Environmental Awareness and Social Aid Pakistan – have been included in a mega project with the Government of Baluchistan in a positive display of Public-Private Partnership, which is a good and encouraging sign for any development work. Educational Institutions have been included in the Awareness Campaign, since it is a universally accepted axiom, that the students are the best tools to propagate  any new changes in the society, and the teachers are one of the means who can effectively communicate with students and bring about a positive change in their thinking and good practices. “

W e wish him success in conducting the various projects in the interest of the Government and people of Baluchistan.

– Khwaja Sayeed Shahabuddin


5 Responses to “Major KHWAJA SAFI WASIUDDIN (Quetta)”

  1. Shaheer Quader Says:

    I am glad to hear from Safi Wasiuddin after such a long time. I would like to have Safi’s e-mail address, if possible. Thanks

  2. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Your project SEA sounds very noble. Please do write more about this project and success stories. I wish you lots of luck.

    Respectfully submitted

    Iftekhar Hassan
    New York

  3. Darius Tioco Says:

    I will like to know more details about your SEA progams.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment about my NGO – Society Environmental Awareness.

    I shall E-mail you the complete PROFILE OF THE NGO along with a LETTER OF INTRODUCTION, which if you find it appropriate you may include it in your Website.

    These days I am trying contact various INTERNATIONAL DONOR / FUNDING AGENCIES who may be interested to fund projects in Pakistan through my NGO.

    In case you or anyone else happen to know any Donor Agency anywhere in the world, could you please forward them the profile of my NGO.

    Will keep in touch

    Thanks and best wishes.

    Major (Retd) K. Safi Wasiuddin

    Please kindly let me have SHAHEER’S E-MAIL ADDRESS

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