Engagement in Dhaka

January 30, 2007


Khwaja Tausif Abdullah (s/o Khwaja Abdullah & Tahmin Abdullah) of Nawabbari got engaged with Trishna of  Gandaria, Dhaka. Let’s wish them happy and prosperous relationship.


5 Responses to “Engagement in Dhaka”

  1. Arshi Anjum Says:

    dearest tausif & trishna,
    Congratulations!Wish you all the best in life.May you be successful in this life& hereafter.May Allah shower upon you all his blessings.Wow! what agreat surprise but certainly a good one.I am very happy for both of you.
    With Love,
    Arshi Baji.

  2. Sahal Abdullah Says:

    Dearest Tausif & Trishna,

    Your engagement is a Great News for us.
    Although I was not there to attend, all our happiness and blessings are with you.

    May Allah bless you with all his blessings.

    Insha-allah hoping to be there with you in wedding.

    Regards & Love,

  3. zainab Says:

    Congratulations on ur engagement. Have a happy life after ur wedding inshallah

  4. tovorinok Says:


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  5. Nasir Says:

    Nice couple

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