Obituary: Khwaja Nurul Huq

January 28, 2007

Khwaja Noorul Huq, our dear Piddi Bhai (See Relationship), died in Dhaka at his Goal Nagar residence.
He leaves behind his wife Rahat Begum, daughter Seema and four sons–Jaber, Yaser, Amer and Azer. Khwaja Noorul Huq worked for Omar & Sons, the famous construction company during the 60’s and 70’s . His residence in Mirpur was looted and later occupied in 1971 due to mistaken Bihari identity. Khwaja Noorul Huq as known as Piddi Bhai among the family members in Mansur Castle was the founder of Diamond International- a trading firm that specialized in importing Chinese yarn, dye and clothing. He was well-reputed and well-respected among the Islampur clothing merchants community.
May Allah grant him a place in Jannatul Firdaus.

To offer condolences, please contact:
Rahat Begum (8802) 711-3907 (Dhaka)
K.M. Yaser (718) 641-1293 (New York)

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