Jan 16, Marks the 92nd Death Anniversary of Nawab Salimullah

January 28, 2007


Salam Alaikum and Hullo everyone:Today, Tuesday 16th January is the 92nd Death Anniversary of Nawab Salimullah.

Qudsia Apa ( daughter of Effat Khwaja-Nasarullah & the late W.B.Kadri) and I have worked on a one-page Supplement for the Financial Post.

Here, you’ll find a write-up about Nawab Salimullah, which gives highly important new facts about his death and funeral.

In another write-up, some of his distinguished relatives are mentioned; those about whom hardly anyone has written before, and whose achievements are largely unknown by our younger generation.

They are:
Nawabzada Khwaja Atiqullah, Nawabzadi Meher Bano Begum, Khan Bahadur Khwaja Muhammad Azam, Nawab Begum Raushan Akhtar & Nawabzada Khwaja Nasarullah.

These articles have been posted on the homepage.

Amr Quadir


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