BD politics :Last 72 hours

January 28, 2007

Friday Jan 12 2007 State of emergency declared; President Iajuddin Ahmed quits as chief adviser (CA).Nine other advisors of CG including Women and Children Affairs Adviser Yasmeen Morshed also resigned. (See Relationship)

Sataurday Jan 13 2007 Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed, a former governor of the Bangladesh Bank, assumed the office of CA. EC’s poll activities come to a halt.
Rapid raids to capture ‘corrupt, godfathers’. A number of political leaders under watch; airports on alert; many go into hiding.

Sunday Jan 14 2007 Following the crackdown, around 50 influential BNP and Awami League (AL) leaders and ward commissioners have gone in hiding to evade arrests. Sources said Rab members raided the residences of seven to eight ward commissioners of DCC on Friday night. Besides, law enforcers conducted raid to arrest Commissioner of ward # 57 Khwaja Habib. Five advisers sworn in. Crackdown suspended in absence of the home ministry’s directive regarding what steps should be taken in dealing with the influential arrestees.


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